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New version of TorDNS

I just fixed the cache in TorDNS and added "Keepaliveperiod 30" to Tor config file (torrc),
now TorDNS seems to be working ALOT better than before with Tor. I changed the time
TorDNS caches queries from 5 minutes to 40. I also created a small program to automatically
add TorDNS to the startup folder in windows, so when you start windows, TorDNS automatically
runs. It is included with the new version. After this fix, TorDNS seems to resolve hostnames
alot more effieciently, I've been testing it for about 10 minutes now, notices in Tor saying
"We tried to connect to 'scrubbed' for 15 seconds, retrying on a new circuit" have not been
displayed in Tor, meaning TorDNS acts alot more like a normal local dns server now. The download url is below: