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recent tor stream timeout errors...

Hi, I've had tor and azureus working together up until the last few weeks.
 And then tor started giving me errors like:

[Notice] connection_ap_expire_beginning(): Stream is 15 seconds late on
address '[scrubbed]'. Retrying.

So I googled and searched the mailing list archives.  And the only real
thing I could find was a reference to this microsoft kb:

When you try to connect from TCP ports greater than 5000 you receive the
error 'WSAENOBUFS (10055)'

I thought initially that I should update to the lastest versions to see if
they would fix it, before changing the registry, so I downloaded the
newest windows installer (tor, torcp and privoxy).  They installed fine
and I ran them, and I double checked the azureus proxy settings and IE
proxy settings.  Those are set correctly.  But I still got the 15 sec time
out errors.  So I changed the registry according to the kb article and
tried again, still the same errros.  So I shutdown all of the programs
(not just minimized, but rebooted the machine, and tried again.  Same

So, does anyone understand whats wrong?  I'm running Windows 2000 Server
SP4, and all hotfixes.  And as far as anything changing on the machine,
the only thing thats changed is more security updates via microsoft. 
Nothing has been installed or uninstalled since it was working (until
today when I installed the lastest tor, torcp and privoxy).

I would appreciate any insights.