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Re: P2P wanted?

On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 04:11:27PM +0000, jensmh@xxxxxx wrote:
:I think we should encourage use of p2p over the tor network because
:- p2p users may want anonymity too
:- more traffic can lead to more anonymity

While your statements are true I disagree with the conclusion you've
drawn wrt encouraging p2p.

Tor is designed a a low latency anonymizing network, p2p doesn't care
so much about latency which is why this is a bad fit.

p2p could use a more secure higher latency system to greater benefit.

p2p's tolerance for latency is detrimental to performance for those of
us who do care about latency because they have less incentive to
contribute bandwidth, they generally take more out of the system than
is put in.  This is addressed in p2p networks through tit for tat
mechanisms that are difficult to impossible to prove in an anonymous
content agnostic system such as TOR.