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Problems under Windows Millenium

Hi everyone,

Willing to give aioe's tor NNTP service a try, I installed Vidalia 0.7 and tried to run it under Windows Millenium together with Thunderbird and Torbutton, but my system was becoming sluggish and unresponsive. A ctrl-alt-del returned a message telling that the ressources of my system were at a critically low level and suggested to close some applications, often tor.exe.

Then I removed Vidalia, tor and Privoxy (using their own uninstall option from Start/Programs/app/uninstall menu) and installed the latest Vidalia package. The problem is that when I launch Vidalia now I get the following error message:
Vidalie.exe is linked (or bound) to a missing export of ADVAPI32DLL:ChangeServiceConfig2W (roughly translated from French).

Unfortunately I couldn't find any related information on the FAQ so here I am. What went wrong? Have I made a stupid mistake somewhere? Also, please allow me little suggestion: it would be nice if minimum system requirements were made clear on the Viadalia website.

My configuration: AMD 2000 XP+ running at 1.1 Ghz (voluntary BOIS setting), 384 Mb of RAM, the whole thing under Windows Me with all security updates installed, fairly enough hard disk space and a 1 Mbps/128 Kbps broadband cable connection.