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Re: Tor crashes ZoneAlarm

For those of your experiencing the problem with ZoneAlarm, you might
want participate in ZoneAlarm 7 beta testing program. It seems like
they would want to know about those crashes.


2006/9/18, Tim McCormack <basalganglia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Ah, I understand now.

Also, I'm under the impression that many routers can block outgoing
traffic in a somewhat rule-based manner.  Might check into that.

 - Tim

Kees Vonk wrote:
> Tim McCormack wrote:
>> Kees Vonk wrote:
>>> I am aware of this, but have yet to find a opensource personal firewall,
>>> if you know of one I would be very interested.
>> You mean, besides buying a cheapo router and flashing Linux onto the
>> firmware?
>>  - Tim
> That would still not stop malicious software from accessing the
> internet. I mean personally I run linux, so it is not an issue, but most
> of my friends run windows, and to stop them having to call on me all the
> time I prefer their machines to have as much security as possible. They
> all know now how ZoneAlarm works and know when to ask me about strange
> processes trying to access the internet. Sounds like an overkill, but
> just the other day I had a friend with trojan that had just been
> discovered two days earlier and his antivirus was three days old, so
> thanks to ZoneAlarm it was stopped from doing to much damage.
> I know this is now off topic, but I thought I better explain what I am
> looking for.
> Kees
> BTW. can you flash linux onto most routers? I have a D-Link DI-504.

Hideki Saito