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Re: Appeal for class-action lawsuit against connection data storage in Germany

On Thu, 2006-11-30 at 14:17, Paul Syverson wrote:

> > http://www.anti1984.com/de/artikel/12.html
> Google web page translation does an OK job. It won't win any awards
> for prose, but one can generally understand what is being said.

There is a FireFox extension called FoxLingo that provides multiple
translation services for foreign language pages. It lets you set your
default translation to language. 

It normally includes Google as one of the translation services but
typically provides 4 or more alternatives. The alternatives often work
better than Google, and if you care about privacy, and who on this list
doesn't, any alternative should be preferable to Google. Google keeps
permanent records of all uses made of any of their services, and can
correlate almost anything with anything else, searches you've made, ads
you've clicked on, translations you've made.

George Shaffer

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