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Tor is out

This is the fourth development snapshot for the 0.1.2.x series. It fixes
some bugs. The Windows and OS X bundles include the new Privoxy 3.0.6.


Changes in version - 2006-12-03
  o Major features:
    - Add support for using natd; this allows FreeBSDs earlier than
      5.1.2 to have ipfw send connections through Tor without using
      SOCKS. (Patch from Zajcev Evgeny with tweaks from tup.)

  o Minor features:
    - Make all connections to addresses of the form ".noconnect"
      immediately get closed. This lets application/controller combos
      successfully test whether they're talking to the same Tor by
      watching for STREAM events.
    - Make cross.sh cross-compilation script work even when autogen.sh
      hasn't been run. (Patch from Michael Mohr.)
    - Statistics dumped by -USR2 now include a breakdown of public key
      operations, for profiling.

  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix a major leak when directory authorities parse their
      approved-routers list, a minor memory leak when we fail to pick
      an exit node, and a few rare leaks on errors.
    - Handle TransPort connections even when the server sends data before
      the client sends data. Previously, the connection would just hang
      until the client sent data. (Patch from tup based on patch from
      Zajcev Evgeny.)
    - Avoid assert failure when our cached-routers file is empty on

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Don't log spurious warnings when we see a circuit close reason we
      don't recognize; it's probably just from a newer version of Tor.
    - Have directory authorities allow larger amounts of drift in uptime
      without replacing the server descriptor: previously, a server that
      restarted every 30 minutes could have 48 "interesting" descriptors
      per day.
    - Start linking to the Tor specification and Tor reference manual
      correctly in the Windows installer.
    - Add Vidalia to the OS X uninstaller script, so when we uninstall
      Tor/Privoxy we also uninstall Vidalia.
    - Resume building on Irix64, and fix a lot of warnings from its
      MIPSpro C compiler.
    - Don't corrupt last_guessed_ip in router_new_address_suggestion()
      when we're running as a client.

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