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Re: how to prevent Tor from auto-buiding circle?

Thus spake xiangw@xxxxxxxxxxxx (xiangw@xxxxxxxxxxxx):

>     Hi,guys. I'm working on my own Tor controller recently. I want to 
> do full controlling on circle and stream, but i found that Tor keep 
> auto-buiding circles. How to prevent Tor from doing it?

Unfortunately I think there is no tor option for this. In my case I
ignore the circuit extends I didn't cause. You can build a table/list
by watching for 250 EXTENDED ([\d]+) right after you send the
EXTEND.. Any events for other circuit IDs you can then ignore. 

However, I'm guessing you want to completely avoid touching nodes that
are known to be unreachable from your location? Is it bad if you
try to connect to firewalled nodes?

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs