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Re:Re: how to prevent Tor from auto-buiding circle?

i c, just ignore. Thanks very much.


> Thus spake xiangw@xxxxxxxxxxxx (xiangw@xxxxxxxxxxxx):
> >     Hi,guys. I'm working on my own Tor controller recently. I 
> want to 
> > do full controlling on circle and stream, but i found that Tor 
> keep 
> > auto-buiding circles. How to prevent Tor from doing it?
> Unfortunately I think there is no tor option for this. In my case I
> ignore the circuit extends I didn't cause. You can build a table/list
> by watching for 250 EXTENDED ([\d]+) right after you send the
> EXTEND.. Any events for other circuit IDs you can then ignore. 
> However, I'm guessing you want to completely avoid touching nodes that
> are known to be unreachable from your location? Is it bad if you
> try to connect to firewalled nodes?
> -- 
> Mike Perry
> Mad Computer Scientist
> fscked.org evil labs