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Firewall with Tor

I have come across this firewall called "Gibraltar" http://www.gibraltar.at
they claim to use Tor in their firewall and there is an .iso available for
download but after reading their webpage I am still confused if the firewall
is available for free to everyone or you need to buy their hardware in
order to
be able to use it.

Anyone ever heard about Gibraltar and can explain in a non technical way
is it exactly they do?  Can I use it instead of  the official Tor
software? I like the
idea of having a firewall and Tor integrated in one piece, it seems safer.



Anonymisation Gateway: Gibraltar is the first firewall product with
commercial support on the
market that support anonymisation of outgoing network traffic. This
anonymisation currently
builds upon three software packages:

"Tor": This EFF supported software allows to tunnel arbitrary TCP
connections over multiple hops
based on an onion routing protocol. With these multiple hops, neither an
ISP nor the target server can trace
network traffic anymore. Gibraltar can run tor as a socks proxy so that
any client behind a Gibraltar firewall
that is capable of using socks can benefit from anonymisation.

"Anon-proxy"/"JAP": Anon-proxy is the command-line version of the
popular JAP proxy developed by the
Technical University of Dresden. It acts as an HTTP proxy and applies
similar techniques as tor to anonymize
web traffic over multiple hops, including mixing with other HTTP streams
to prevent traffic analysis.
Gibraltar firewall integrates anon-proxy with the already used squid
HTTP proxy server, so that the whole
HTTP traffic can optionally be transparently anonymized for every client
without explicit configuration.

"Freenet": As an overlay network, freenet allows to anonymously store
and retrieve files, including but not limited
to HTML files. Gibraltar firewall includes the stable release of freenet
as an HTTP gateway where clients can
simply use the whole freenet with web browsers. We expect to update the
freenet installation in future Gibraltar
releases to support the new freenet development branch with support for
darknets, offering anonymity even under
stringent censorship.

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