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Firefox,Torbutton leaks real IP Address.

The combination Firefox-3.0.3(in fact,Iceweasel-3.0.3),Torbutton-1.2.0 leaks my real IP

address.This happens BETWEEN when I initiate Tor- with the bash command

/usr/local/tor/bin/tor and the moment when Tor effectively establishes a connection-circuit.

This can be 60 seconds or more,and if in between we connect to the Internet with

Firefox-Torbutton the real IP address is used(even with torbutton running-green)

I tested with www.showmyip.com and others.My fear is if the same could happen when Tor changes circuit by ten-ten minutes or so,when leaves the previous circuit to the next one.(what happens in the transition moments).I did not test that situation.