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Re: Exceeding connection limit


is there any easy way, how to limit connections for Tor? Thousands of connections often breaks my lowcost ADSL router at home and I have to restart it.

I think it should be similar option like Bandwidth rate. Or is there any reason, why there must be thousands of connection from point of Tor network design?


This happens because the user tor is running as has a system-imposed limit
on the number of open file descriptors - one file descriptor corresponds to
one open file or socket. Many linux systems use '1024' as the default value
here - which is probably what yours is.

The solution to this problem is to raise that limit for tor's user; first by
figuring out what user tor is running as ('ps aux' will show this alongside
the process). Then, you or your sysadmin should raise the FD limit for that
user to something more reasonable for a socket-hungry application like tor.
I use 4096.