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Re: More info on my own tor problems

I can look but don't think that could be the issue.  I don't start tor as a 
service when I boot, I manually start it (via Tork or Vidalia).  If I don't 
start tor up via script in the rc directories, how could such a script have 
any effect on tor started on command?


On Thursday 04 December 2008 12:27:50 Scott Bennett wrote:

> >
> >I have no idea what the problem is with the torrc file.  I merely took the
> >sample provided with the software and uncommented the applicable parts
> > (after Tork failed to configure it) and copy it to torrc.  What is the
> > deal with tor-  What has changed vis a vis configuration that
> > appears to break it compared to the any and all of the previous versions?
> >  Most important of all, how do I get past this so I can start running tor
> > again?
>      The problem may not actually be in the torrc file.  Check to see
> whether you have a startup/shutdown script, perhaps run by /etc/rc on your
> system, that specifies --user and --group.  If you do, try removing those
> arguments from the command line that starts tor in the script.
>      The error messages could be more accurate.