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Re: [python] __LeaveStreamsUnattached

Copy from control-spec.txt:


  Sent from the client to the server.  The syntax is:
     "ATTACHSTREAM" SP StreamID SP CircuitID [SP "HOP=" HopNum] CRLF

  This message informs the server that the specified stream should be
  associated with the specified circuit. 

More high-level, my problem is, that I dont know StreamID *before* I create stream by calling socket.connect(), but it never finish, because of deadlock. Is there any possibility to get stream id before this call or do this call non-blocking?


2008/12/6 slush <slush@xxxxxxxxxx>

Are these steps logically OK? Because if yes, Im in problematic situation. When I tried to openstream with __LeaveStreamsUnattached=0 (default configuration), Tor automatically assign stream to any open circuit (but I want to use one specific). But when I set __LeaveStreamsUnattached=1, I obtain deadlock on "proxy.connect()" and I cannot continue with point 3). But I dont found any method, how to obtain stream id _before_ calling proxy.connect() to pair stream to circuit before calling this function...