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OSX - wrong bundle installed

Hej there,

this is my first mail to this list, and I didn´t find any manual on how to use it, so I hope this works.

I just installed the TOR bundle for OSX, but was stupid enough to not notice that there are two bundles - one for PowerPC only, and one for Universal Binary. Since I have OSX 10.5 running, TOR doesn´t work. It shouldn´t, anyway.

My firewall keeps telling me that TOR is trying to establish a connection via ports 9090 and 443, so somehow it seems to be running in the background. However, I cannot uninstall it, since there seem to be absolutely no TOR-related files or folders on my computer. I just freshly installed OSX, so the haystack to look into isn´t too big. Still I don´t find the needle.

Has anybody any idea how I can remove this wrong version of TOR from my system?