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Re: Need help with MPAA threats


> I just wish there were a better way to
> inspect the
> traffic and disallow certain traffic.

seems to contradict:

> Don't get me
> wrong, I'm not
> advocating that any relay inspect any traffic,

Do you mean you want a way to *automatically*, without recording/logging/inspecting personally, deny certain traffic and allow other? (but isn't that censorship anyway?)

Don't we usually hate when ISPs do the same to their customers?

> just that
> illegal
> traffic transiting outside my link could land me in
> trouble.

If you are in a condition where your traffic can get you into trouble with the ruling class, then please don't run an exit.

But trying to pick-and-choose the traffic you want to allow is not helping to frustrate censorship, in fact it is promoting it.

> Perhaps
> thoughtworthy.