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Need help with MPAA threats


Time Warner shut off my connection again last night due to a complaint from the MPAA. They claim that I downloaded 2 movies and 1 TV show. This traffic, in fact, must have come through my Tor exit node.

I explained to the customer service agent that I am running a Tor exit node and that the traffic must have come through the Tor network. He said that because this is the 3rd complaint, the MPAA may take me to court and sue me for $100,000 per violation. He also claimed that "others in similar situations" have lost in court...whatever that means.

Here is where I need your help. First, is there a good way to filter out torrents in my exit policy?

Second, have any exit node operators in the US had similar complaints from the MPAA? If so, how did you handle the complaints?

Lastly, has anyone in the US gone to court as a result of using Tor? If so, do you have a reference for a good lawyer? At this point, I want to continue running a Tor exit node but also want to investigate my legal options if the MPAA takes me to court.

Thank you for your help!