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Re: Need help with MPAA threats

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Matthew McCabe schrieb:

> Here is where I need your help.  First, is there a good way to filter
> out torrents in my exit policy?

I tried out some different exit policies after getting a big load of
DMCA notices. My provider didn't really mind forwarding them to me but
it got me started playing with the exit policies as I don't see any
reason for me donating (expensive) bandwith for filesharing over Tor. I
am currently running the exit policy pasted below on my exit node:

ExitPolicy accept *:20-23       # FTP,SSH,TELNET
ExitPolicy accept *:53          # DNS
ExitPolicy accept *:80-82       # HTTP
ExitPolicy accept *:110-119     # POP3/NNTP
ExitPolicy accept *:143         # IMAP
ExitPolicy accept *:443         # HTTPS
ExitPolicy accept *:465         # MAIL
ExitPolicy accept *:587         # MAIL
ExitPolicy accept *:993         # IMAPS
ExitPolicy accept *:1194        # OPENVPN
ExitPolicy accept *:1720        # H.323
ExitPolicy accept *:1731        # Netmeeting Audio Control
ExitPolicy accept *:5050-5061   # YAHOO MESSENGER, SIP
ExitPolicy accept *:5190        # ICQ
ExitPolicy accept *:5222-5223   # JABBER
ExitPolicy accept *:3128        # Proxy
ExitPolicy accept *:8080        # Proxy
ExitPolicy reject *:*           # Disallow everything else

I think most needed protocols are included but I got my copyright
infringements down to zero.

Maybe redefining your policy would anticipate further problems with your
provider but still keep your exit node quite useful to most of the users.


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