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Re: Need help with MPAA threats

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Nicky van Etten wrote:
> The MPAA still has to prove you realy have the content which they claim
> you downloaded stored on your computer or any other storage device afaik.
> On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 4:34 PM, Matthew McCabe <mateo07@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:mateo07@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Hello-
>     Time Warner shut off my connection again last night due to a
>     complaint from the MPAA.  They claim that I downloaded 2 movies and
>     1 TV show.  This traffic, in fact, must have come through my Tor
>     exit node.
>     I explained to the customer service agent that I am running a Tor
>     exit node and that the traffic must have come through the Tor
>     network.  He said that because this is the 3rd complaint, the MPAA
>     may take me to court and sue me for $100,000 per violation.  He also
>     claimed that "others in similar situations" have lost in
>     court...whatever that means.
>     Here is where I need your help.  First, is there a good way to
>     filter out torrents in my exit policy?
>     Second, have any exit node operators in the US had similar
>     complaints from the MPAA?  If so, how did you handle the complaints?
>     Lastly, has anyone in the US gone to court as a result of using Tor?
>      If so, do you have a reference for a good lawyer?  At this point, I
>     want to continue running a Tor exit node but also want to
>     investigate my legal options if the MPAA takes me to court.
>     Thank you for your help!
>     -Matt
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