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Re: Bittorrent packets

On Mon, December 15, 2008 06:16, Jon wrote:
> there is encouragement to use Tor for BitTorrent.  Personally, the
> practice should be discouraged... and before anyone calls me pro
> censorship... can anyone think of a good reason to Seed or leach via
> Tor?
the link you posted doesn't talk about seeding or leeching via tor :)
the azureus wiki is suggesting to proxy, either via Tor or ssh, the
communication between the client and the tracker, which gives you the
information about the ips of the others peers in the swarm but it does not
carry any actual data.
The torified client will send out the exit node ip, so the exit will
receive unsuccessful connection attempts, I think this is the only
"annoying" part of the process and this is why the azureus wiki is
suggesting to overriding the sent ip address with your own real one.
The Azureus site is also sharing more information about Tor and
bittorrent, see


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