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Re: Bittorrent packets


On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 8:58 AM, Marco Bonetti
<marco.bonetti@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The torified client will send out the exit node ip, so the exit will
> receive unsuccessful connection attempts, I think this is the only
> "annoying" part of the process and this is why the azureus wiki is
> suggesting to overriding the sent ip address with your own real one.

OK, so the problem is that the tracker has recorded IP of an exit node
as a Bittorrent peer and it is giving that to other Bittorrent peer
which then want to connect to it and download from it? But why port
80? Because that is what the original user has been using and he/she
sends this port number to the tracker?

So there is nothing wrong if I block with a firewall all this
connections to my server from those IPs who are trying to connect to
me? I do not need to add them to ExitRules even if I am blocking them
as they are not really using Tor network nor they are connected trough
Tor network?

I was wondering that this could be also used as a measure against
using Tor network for Bittorrent data (not communication with a
tracker). I could add all those IPs to ExitRules of a node, rejecting
them as a possible destination. In this way Bittorrent data will not
be allowed out of the node. Those clients who will want to communicate
with a node are also those with which a Tor network user which wants
to use it for Bittorrent data will want to communicate.

I tried this and it works. Adding dynamically those IPs to ExitRules
and HUPing the Tor daemon. But the problem is that after some time and
number of IPs Tor daemon reached its limit of server descriptor size
(and ExitRules). So currently such approach is not possible as Tor
server descriptor was not designed for so many ExitRules, it seems.
Any workaround?

Without adding those IP to ExitRules it is not really "nice" that I
would be blocking them just with a firewall but this could be maybe
also seen as a feature: making Tor network unstable for Bittorrent
users (for data transmissions).