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Re: Need help with MPAA threats

In another vein, being an exit for even a brief period of time puts your IP on 
a website identifying you as such and you will find yourself banned from some 
(many?) irc servers and/or banned from posting at certain blogs.  Irritating 
but there you go.

On Saturday 13 December 2008 15:46:14 Jon wrote:
> krishna e bera wrote:
> > It is unlikely that the content in question was ever on your computer
> >at all, because Tor does not transfer UDP packets (used by bittorrent for 
> > After looking at several dozen automated DMCA letters,
> > i noticed that all but a few point to tracker websites for ThePirateBay.
> > I decided to add the ip addresses for those tracker websites to my reject 
> > and have not received a DMCA notice for a few weeks now.
> > Although this technically rejects some web (http) traffic,
> > it seems to me just an extension of the exit policy rejecting
> bittorrent ports
> > because those tracker ip addresses are primarily used for setting up
> p2p transfers.
> > I'm paying $100 a month in bandwidth fees to facilitate anonymous
> communication
> > for activists etc - not to subsidize consumption of games and movies.
> > Yes i know p2p can carry all sorts of content;
> > if there is lots of "legitimate" stuff available via ThePirateBay my
> attitude could change.
> > Feedback on this is welcome.
> Your attitude I think is correct.  I mean to say, yes, your intent for
> your relay is for censorship frustration, not games, movies, et
> cetera.  I think your implementation is correct also.  I run a relay
> without any exit permitted.  The only reason I do this, is because I
> do not want to deal with any complaints ranging from DMCA, hacking,
> child exploitation transiting my link.  If I ever decide to permit
> exiting, it will be on a dedicated server that I would pay for,
> located elsewhere.  I just wish there were a better way to inspect the
> traffic and disallow certain traffic.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not
> advocating that any relay inspect any traffic, just that illegal
> traffic transiting outside my link could land me in trouble.  Perhaps
> thoughtworthy.

"Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo."
--H.G. Wells