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Re: Need help with MPAA threats

Am 15.12.2008 um 14:11 schrieb David Kammering:

And, if I see things right, the bandwidth argument doesn't compute.
IIRC, only the client<->tracker traffic is relayed via tor, and that's
not the mass traffic of the actual big files.

Hmm, I must admit that I'm not too deep into p2p via Tor, but what I
noticed from my mrtg stats of the exit node is that running a more
restrictive exit policy gives me typical traffic flows with some spikes
and so on; reverting to the standard policy peaks out the bandwith
completely. I have no further checked what is the cause of this as it
would have involved logging traffic but I think most of it is p2p
traffic as running on the restrictive exit policy got me no further
notes from the MPAA.

Actually it is an observation I already thought about asking on the
list, maybe someone could clarify if it is really p2p traffic peaking
out the link with the open exit policy?

My experience is exactly the same. As long as you allow arbitrary ports your bandwidth is always maxed out because of file transfers. If you only allow port 80 you have a very erratic bandwidth usage. Of course it's possible to download large files over HTTP as well. But the users obviously don't do it.


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