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Re: Tor (started by Vidalia) ignores StrictEntryNodes + EntryNodes

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 12:32 PM, I wrote:
I'm running Vidalia 0.1.10 and Tor (r17346) on Windows XP.

I stopped Tor from the Vidalia GUI, and manually edited Vidalia's
"torrc" file, adding these two lines at the bottom:

 StrictEntryNodes 1
 EntryNodes BostonUCompSci,FSF,moria1,SelfEvident,superbad,fuga,augrime,askatasuna,VSvTZGO7UPj4yh8,conf555nick,desync,phobos

After re-starting Tor from the Vidalia GUI, I see circuits that have
entry nodes that are _not_ from the above list. In fact, nearly all
circuits have entry nodes that are not from the above list.

Update: If I add the following four lines to the bottom of Vidalia's "torrc" file, then Tor honors the StrictExitNodes + ExitNodes options, but it ignores the StrictEntryNodes + EntryNodes options:

  StrictEntryNodes 1
  EntryNodes BostonUCompSci,FSF,moria1,SelfEvident
  StrictExitNodes 1
  ExitNodes BostonUCompSci,FSF,moria1,SelfEvident

Although, Tor seems to only use the first of the specified ExitNodes. Shouldn't it round-robin between them?