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Re: JanusPA - A hardware Privacy Adapter using Tor

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 05:14:42AM -0800, Kyle Williams wrote:
>    Hello Everyone,

[great stuff snipped]

>    This will run you $32.00 USD.
>    If anyone is seriously thinking about a good hardware based solution
>    for Tor, I'd buy the gumstix now.  In fact, I just bought a couple
>    more just in case mine breaks. I'll have the source code up withing a
>    week, two tops  The FULL documentation will take about a bit longer to
>    get done.
>    Well, that's about it.  Feedback is welcome.

In terms of a more long-lived hardware base, have you considered ALIX?

They might not be as small as Gumstix, but fairly small at 6x6".
I've ordered an alix2d3 + case + DC adapter for ~100 EUR sans VAT the
other day.

A SLC CF goes a long time with these, if mounted noatime.

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