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Tor's three-year development roadmap

Hi folks,

I've finally finished writing up our three-year development roadmap. This
document describes Tor research and development items that should happen
on a three-year timeframe to move Tor forward at being both a useful
circumvention tool and a useful privacy tool:

We've got enough funding to get good starts on many of the items in
the roadmap (more detail on that coming soon), but of course we could
use some more to get even further. So if you know anybody interested in
these topics, please let them know -- and let us know. :)

While The Tor Project makes sure to do a great job at being transparent
in our research and design discussions and outcomes ("how Tor works and
why" from the researcher perspective), we haven't done as good a job
lately at being transparent to our *users* about what we're working on,
what we hope to work on next, who's working on what, etc. Hopefully this
pdf will help change that.

Andrew also produced an actual press release for us, so we can become more
press friendly and provide a way for the media to start a conversation
with us:

You may also be interested to follow the more detailed TODO list I've
been maintaining to help keep all the developers coordinated:


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