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Re: No Tor server exists that allows exit to ...

So far the problem seems to exist only in tor- The newer alpha version doesn't show signs of this problem so far. If it does, I'll do as suggested and let you know.

Roger Dingledine wrote:
On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 01:51:09PM -0500, Justin Coffi wrote:
I've setup a server on tor that I connect to via "localhost.<fingerprint>.exit" instead of using a *.onion address. It works fine at first.

I assume you're setting "ExitPolicyRejectPrivate 0" in your relay's torrc?

Are we talking about port 80, or some other port?

However after 30 minutes or so I start receiving messages in my log from a connecting machine that says [notice] No Tor server exists that allows exit to<port>

The reason I used this method instead of hidden services was because my connections were timing out too frequently.

Any insight or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Ought to work (assuming the relay's exit policy allows the connection,
and assuming the relay stays up the directory authorities consider
it reachable).

The next step would be to take a debug-level log from the client's
perspective, and put it up on a website somewhere and we can look through
it to see what's going on. If you do this, be sure to be using the recent
development code (either or svn trunk).