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problems with setting up a private Tor network

Dear all
 I am trying to set up my own private Tor network . I am referring to the instructions on the FAQ page :


In step 2 .
   I am planning to use 3 relays and one authority directory server. So I should be creating 3 data directories for each of the relays. Is this a correct interpretation of the instructions ? For each of my each of my data directory  I should be typing the following command ? :
tor --list-fingerprint --DataDirectory /path/to/datadir/ -f tmp.torrc

In step 3.
 As per the instructions

  "   Pick a password you like, then move the created authority_certificate and authority_signing_key into the keys directory inside your first authority's data directory. "

 What do you mean by -  first authority's data directory  ? I have three data directory for each of my relays...


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