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Advertising vs. Squeezing

In general re: pondering other performance improvements / client limiting

Is it not safe to assume that the so called 'slowness' of Tor has
mostly been due to the throughput one gets at the 'slowest' hop.

Other than somehow making the directory authorities self roaming and healing
autonomous beings within the Tornet to eliminate some quasi SPOF's...
 Is there any reason to still have/maintain that old blurb about, in general,
 "Tor's not ready, don't advertise it yet".

One's odds of finding a fast path could go up with more [idle] users. Or at
least remain the same.

Maybe this is a general request for a 'mark current' on that quote
page [wherever it is these days], backed therein with some roadmap
in this overall context.

I used to work with filled pipes. Everyone wanted to play whack a
mole with the users. Sure, we got some good wins with knocking out
ports and other known tactical stuff. But in the end we couldn't
see to crunch the rest and ended up ordering more bandwidth so our
curves looked less like a flattop haircut.

Dunno, always figured it could be advertised and still disclaimed
as to security or whatever if it would increase the available BW
or drop the transactional delay without hitting scale limits.

With some sharing sites going under, new global DMCA treaty summits
and ocat like tools, it's probably a safe bet to assume that all
the anon systems will be seeing a very sizable influx of native
bulk data users in the not so distant future.
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