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Re: [OFF LIST] Re: attempt from Taiwan to connect to my privoxy port

Hi. I am directly connected to the internet, very much so.

I see thousands of 'illegitimate connection attempts'... every
second of every day of every year, on every port and protocol
imaginable. Even 'invalid' packets. And yes, to that tcp port too
from all sorts of places.

Come on now, this is truly old news... dating at minimum back to
Bellovin '93.

Those who have no ethical qualms about running tarpits/honeypots/etc
and inspecting their traffic *might* know if it's targeted. Otherwise
it's just noise to ignore. Install locks, move on to better things.

CK's inbox is certainly a fine example of one such pot, heh.

And of course everyone knows the Chinese boogeymen are probing the
hell out of US address space. Oh wait, so are the Brazilians and
the Romanians and the... ;) Why just the other day I was feeling
lonely and sent out about 16M 'illegitimate' pings to some random/8
just to see who said hello.

Happy Tor'ing.
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