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Vidalia GEOIP file problem...


Using Vidalia 0.2.6 (PPC) under Mac OS 10.5.8 - when trying to create/ use a bridge, I get this strange error message that reads:

Dec 26 13:53:21.352 [Warning] Failed to open GEOIP file /Applications/ Vidalia.app/share/tor/geoip. We've been configured to see which countries can access us as a bridge, and we need GEOIP information to tell which countries clients are in.

About over half a year ago, the TOR bridge worked fine for about a month, but then it seemed to fail and not work (sometimes the settings would tell me that the bridge wasn't running, most of the time no traffic, etc. - had tons of traffic if I set it to be just a relay). Until I upgraded Vidalia to 0.2.6 today, I never had a clue as to why the bridge would fail until I got this message. What does it mean and how can I fix it???

Thank you so much!

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