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Re: Vidalia GEOIP file problem...

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 23:56, Eric ['Sky-san!'] & Jia Bigham
<hanyou@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Using Vidalia 0.2.6 (PPC) under Mac OS 10.5.8 - when trying to create/use a
> bridge, I get this strange error message that reads:
> Dec 26 13:53:21.352 [Warning] Failed to open GEOIP file
> /Applications/Vidalia.app/share/tor/geoip.  We've been configured to see
> which countries can access us as a bridge, and we need GEOIP information to
> tell which countries clients are in.

Looks like you are using the BridgeRecordUsageByCountry options, which
requires a GEOIP database to be present.
It looks like you can solve this in two ways:

Add "BridgeRecordUsageByCountry 0" to your torrc (it might break
vidalia, dunno) or install a geoip database at the location tor
expects it.



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