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Re: TOR is for anonymization; so how to add encryption as well?

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 12:26, arshad <arshad3m@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i want the traffic be encrypted as well?
> any workarounds?

Traffic within TOR itself is encrypted as part of the anonimization:
When you are in the cloud, it is almost impossible to make heads or
tails out of the messages that are being sent.

When the traffic leaves the cloud, it is sent in the same way it was
entered into the cloud, ie. HTTP will still be HTTP, HTTPS will be

If you want your traffic to be both anonymous and encrypted throughout
the entire path, use an encrypted protocol, such as HTTPS, IMAPS,
POP3S, etc.

Please, also read http://www.torproject.org/overview.html.en it will
answer not only this question, but also a few similar questions that
you might have when first starting to use tor.



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