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Re: Vidalia Bundle and RSS in Thunderbird 3.0

On 12/28/2009 12:38 PM, Programmer In Training wrote:
>> What happens if you set the http fields to
>> <>, and the SOCKS field to
> I get all kinds of weird problems. The RSS poller acts up, connections
> time out or not randomly, etc. OTOH, I have little to no problems
> (except subscribing to or clicking on anything contained within RSS feed
> that is available on the web page in question) with multiple field
> settings in FF 3.6b4. Those problems aren't critical to my use of Tor
> with FF though.

I'm going to create a vm and load up tb3 to see what issues arise.  It
may be that much like firefox, the tb socks support is lacking.

>> Isn't Thunderbird known to be a `leaky' client? Of course, with a new
>> version, its behaviour may have changed; but I was under the impression
>> that it occasionally included the system's true IP address, hostname, or
>> other identifying details in outgoing messages, or in communication with
>> a mailserver. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Also, are extensions'

Yes, mail clients in general leak all sorts of data about you.
torbutton hasn't been kept up with thunderbird for a long time.  If
someone wants to write torbutton for thunderbird, or other clients,
we're willing to share our knowledge gained with firefox.  It may be
easier to write a scrubbing smtp proxy that can cleanse your emails
before being delivered to a mail server.

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The Tor Project
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