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Vidalia Bundle and RSS in Thunderbird 3.0

I use my email client (Thunderbird 3.0) to check my mail and handle most
of my RSS feeds (since sage is no longer an extension for Firefox). For
some reason I cannot read my feeds (they display as webpage in
Thunderbird with a link to bring me to the site if I want) when the
feeds are polled (the new topics are displayed but not readable). I get
an error saying that Tor is not an HTTP transport proxy or some such (I
forget the exact message, this happened hours ago). Right now I think I
have a connection setup that works, but I encountered another issue. I
cannot use Tor at all with my podcast catcher (Juice). It simply will
not read the RSS feed (I don't know what type of RSS it is) of one site,
and when I click on the mp3 to download from the site, I get an error
message from Tor.

Is this normal behavior? If so, why? This isn't covered in your online docs.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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