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Re: [OFF LIST] Re: attempt from Taiwan to connect to my privoxy port

As a member of a US military "organization", that term "weaponized icmp", etc, 
is bullshit speak to try to gin up tax dollars to support "info warfare" 
commands and related crap.  You have to call EVERYTHING a weapon or everyone a 
potential terrorist if you want to fund your latest pet project.

Total crap.  "Weaponized" icmp my ass.  And I'm a Comm troop too.  


On Wednesday 16 December 2009 09:13:09 am you wrote:
> On 12/16/2009 04:52 AM, grarpamp wrote:
>  > And of course everyone knows the Chinese boogeymen are probing the
> >
> > hell out of US address space. Oh wait, so are the Brazilians and
> > the Romanians and the... ;) Why just the other day I was feeling
> > lonely and sent out about 16M 'illegitimate' pings to some random/8
> > just to see who said hello.
> The terms I continue to hear from military organizations are "weaponized
> icmp", "weaponized tcp", and "weaponized probing".
> I don't really know how one can take an icmp packet and determine if
> it's weaponized or innocent, but it's quite the dichotomy that's being
> created.  Interestingly, most of these people don't think tor is
> weaponized.  For whatever that means.

Freedom is not the Judeo-Christian divinity's gift to anybody. Freedom and 
democracy have their origins with the Greeks and the Romans, who had a bunch 
of gods whose idea of family does not comport with George Bush's.
--Nicholas Von Hoffman, NYObserver
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