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Re: Vidalia Bundle and RSS in Thunderbird 3.0

On 12/29/2009 9:55 PM, andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 09:12:10PM -0600, bennett@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 2.3K bytes in 49 lines about:
> :      Does Thunderbird perchance have a way to set the timeout to a different
> : value?
> There appear to a few ways to set the timeout, unsure which one matters
> for rss feed pulls over http over tor from TB3's perspective.
> In the Config Editor, there is:
> mailnews.tcptimeout set to 100
> network.proxy.failover_timeout set to 1800
> Changing these doesn't seem to matter too much.  I set them to 9000 and
> there were still some test feeds that didn't load (blog.torproject.org
> oddly enough).

That's nice to know. ):

I've been testing some time out changes in FF to see if there is any
difference. So far I haven't seen any but I've yet to fully put it to
the test (I'm having problems with pages not fully loading, mainly on

> : >> Hrm. So tor automatically blocks smtp connections by default and there
> : >> is local leakage of DNS by TB3. Guess it's time to find a new mail
> : >> client. ):
> There is a config option named:
> network.proxy.socks_remote_dns which is set to false by default.
> Setting it to True does appear to work as intended.

It's odd that it works in TB3 and not FF. Perhaps I should have
restarted the browser before trying to load the hidden wiki.

> And if you didn't catch it, the default Thunderbird Start Page (on
> WinXP) is
> http://live.mozillamessaging.com/thunderbird/start?locale=en-US&version=3.0&os=WINNT&buildid=20091204171430
> When the socks proxy is set, this does go over tor correctly.

I will try it again this weekend. I am getting really busy this week and
don't want to have to worry about missing a timely email from a client
or coworker. I really can live with the feeds not polling correctly for now.

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