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Re: Pidgin with TOR

On 12/31/2009 10:57 AM, Programmer In Training wrote:

>> for some reason i cannot set the proxy setting globally,
>> the button is greyed out (disable)
>> i mean:
>> tools>preference>network and under proxy server and browser it says
>> proxy configuration program was not found and proxy and browser
>> preferences are configured in gnome prefernces. two buttons are there,
>> configure proxy and configure browser,
>> the configure proxy button is disabled.

This depends upon which version of pidgin you have. It seems the 2.6
series relies on the GNOME proxy configuration variables, rather than
pidgin maintaining its own config.

In gnome, if you go to the System menu, and choose Preferences, do you
have a Network Proxy option?

Depending on what system you have, this may help:

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