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[tor-talk] tor based website

I would like to find a helping hand in giving me step by step instructions on how to build a Tor based Simple Machines Forum w/ 3D-Cart and other flattering domain building software for my vendors product description pages with pictures if the service provides a picture. 
my site specializes in all types of products from encrypted multi-phone number cell phones to wholesale hewlett packard products. Everything from computers and scanners to medical office supplies.
i also found grreat suliers for IBM, DELL, Asus, Toshibi, Samsung and Apple products. We sell satelllites which can send and receive data. 8000 channells in total alongside a dvd burner to burn your favorite shows and movies. The satellites come in multiple sizes.
also specialize in "trading goods" and other "goods" you can think of. Any product and we probably have it. This is why I need to maintain anonymous here. 
are there any servers you can think of besides apache which cover encryption, VPN cabiliities, TOR ready and proxy-chain compatibalities...
i need enough storage for my web traffic which i think will be high.
i was reading one Onion site which offered a private service and they mentioned that they have more than one server. Should i get two, one for incoming traffic and the other for outgoing data all onto my server or servers. I want one thats easy to configure once i get its software up on the computer screen.
i cannot risk my anonymity being broken here as of all the products and services i provide on the site and thread. I'd say its a 18-21 plus site so its invite only i just don't know where to get started with the TOR part, hence why I haven't even started to build my forum incase i need to put the URLs into the tor config so it can turn it into its famous onion codex.
where should i start. Also,
should i purchase a 5 dollar VPN for my laptop. My laptop is running slow but will still remain completely working after tomorrow when I get it fixed up from a microsoft windows specialist...
i need someone whose had exerience with seeing this done first hand in the past. 
there's a marketplace online called Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace which grossed 22 million dollars in sales in just one year.
also, as the forum owner and administrator how do i make money if im not vending. Like, how do the guys who made Silk Road get their income? commission with each of their reliable vendors? is 25% commission the right amount to ask for? isnt that average? anyways, I'll keep it this short for now and write you more once i get a better idea! can't wait to start creating! best regards,

- Ed Sullivan

p.S.  Sorry bout all the spelling errors and capitals, etc... I'm using a 2003 LG Lotus to write up this e-mail so i didn't put full effort into editing as you can see. :) 
hope to hear from you today or soon, thanks again...

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