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Re: [tor-talk] does tor browse bundle really work on UNIX, BSD, etc

On Fri, 30 Nov 2012 22:52:01 -0500 Andrew Lewman <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> tarbaby@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >I downloaded the tbb again and I noticed there is only one version for
> >Linux, UNIX and BSD. I thought these were all totally different
> >operating
> >systems. I just started with Ubuntu a few months ago so maybe I am
> >wrong. Does the tbb really work everywhere or is the comment on that
> >download dead wrong? 
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> TBB works in BSD with linux compat enabled. I tested this in freebsd9
> recently.  

I looked that up. Linux compat! Sounds alright! Thanks for letting me know.
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