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Re: [tor-talk] Bandwidth Observed of Relays

On 12/3/12 3:20 PM, Maimun Rizal wrote:
> I would like to know, How can we know recently bandwidth observed of
> relays?
> I try to find on torstatus.blutmagie.de and torstatus.all.de
> both of them, give different information about recent write/read
> bandwidth history.

In theory, those two sites shouldn't give you different information,
because they're running the same software.  But maybe switch to Atlas
(https://atlas.torproject.org/) anyway, because that software is
actually maintained, which is not the case for the two mentioned sites.

> and also, both of them give information not actual
> information, however bandwidth information from yesterday.

Unfortunately, you won't get anything more recent.  Relays only report
their bandwidth histories every 12--18 hours, so you'll have to wait
that long until learning about a relay's bandwidth.


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