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[tor-talk] Tutorial: Howto setup a middlebox routing ALL traffic through TOR from VM

Hi TOR-Geeks,

as I'm not sure (ok,maybe I've to less information), these Vidalia + TOR +
 Proxy or TOR-Button, are problematic to set up correctly and there is a
big chance to do something wrong, which would reveal your Identity.

So I came about this

HOWTO set up a Middlebox which routes ALL Traffic through TOR on a
Hostsystem from a

This great work was made by
chris_dj<http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/member.php?u=89984> .
I can't understand why there is so less information about him. Tell me, if
you find out.

My intention is to find someone who has the brains and the geekness and who
is willing to rewrite this tutorial on a public place especially even for

Unfortunately I don't have the full knowlege of all the involved parts.

But, I promise: If you write a noobfriendly HOWTO but more actual, in more
detail and understandable for most people, I'll translate it to german!

I think there are a lot of advantages over the "standard" TOR installation.

For example, no need for a proxy. And all those cryptic .onion links are
simply machines (whithout ports). So you can set up your favorite Client to
use OnionNet (IRC) by simply providing the .onion Address and the port
(z.B. 6667).

And of course I would like to know what you guys think about the Idea and
if this work makes sense in any way.


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