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Re: [tor-talk] `hushmail` like service on hidden service

do van den Heuvel:
> Hello,
> What type of software would be good to work as a hidden service on a
> tor-node to provide something like hushmail functionality?

I recommend using a Tor-only environment to protect yourself from leaks:
Whonix. http://sourceforge.net/p/whonix/wiki/

Can't hurt to learn how it works and to build from source.

After you do no longer need to care about correct torification you can
choose any server software, which relies on TCP since UDP is not
supported by Tor.

I find the SquirrelMail (what tormail also uses) quite good because it
has a webinterface independent of javascript.

It would be very difficult to offer communication with regular clearnet
e-mail accounts. That requires clearnet servers, they a hard to get
anonymously for a good price and and they are constantly harassed.

> People can use this to anonymously post encrypted mails to each other.
> Even the admin cannot read the posts.

This will be difficult. Enhanced hidden services for anyone and an
active TorChat development were everything is decentral gives even less
power to admin. But you asked for hosting, not for development ideas.

Cryptocat maybe?
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