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Re: [tor-talk] Tutorial: Howto setup a middlebox routing ALL traffic through TOR from VM

> Hi adrelanos,
> first thanks for your interest, always happy 'bout feedback,
> And thanks for the Links about whoonix and the like. I was flying over the
> documentation, and read about TORBox before.
> IMHO the problem is, to set up TWO virtual machines,

Not sure what you mean by set up. You just need to import them.

Install help screenshots:

Install help video (html5, no flash player required):

I think that's simpler than any guide. The hardest remaining part is the
social engineering part. No anonymity setup can spare users from
educating themselves. Example:

There is space for improvement. The next huge step to make it even
simpler would be a Whonix USB installer, which takes care of installing
the host operating system (maybe OneVM).


Or if we don't want to go that far the setup of importing two virtual
machines could be made simpler by creating an installer doing that task.
Also the Virtual Box controls could be simplified.

> while the tor client
> could run on the host system
> and the locked in applications in the secure
> VM MUST route their traffic through TOR.

We had that running as well:

Actually we had a complete guide which included a one file shell script.

I never liked it because you end up with different instructions for
different host operating systems. That's contradictory with the goal of
making things simpler. Due to the difficulties to deploy it, much less
users can profit from it.

> Of course you need to set up some Networkinterfaces and bridges, as well as
> for example dnsmasq, but even with that, I think at least a tutorial
> (needn't be a full project) would be worthy,

Feel free to takeover OneVM.

> Ok. Now I have to admit my lack of knowledge about network
> bridges/interfaces and Firewall (butI'm working on it),

Good luck with your journey. This field of development needs more
people. Whatever path you will choose, it will be an enrichment.
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