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Re: [tor-talk] Bandwidth in TOR

On 08.12.2012 05:43, Maimun Rizal wrote:
> Hi All,
> I confused about bandwidth in TOR, there are Bandwidth Max, Burst, and
> Observed.
> Where I can get information about them?
> When will we use three of them?

Maximum bandwidth is the average bandwidth limit for both incoming and
outgoing traffic of a relay. "Burst" should be set to near the line
limit (and to more than "max"), specifying a maximum for short-term
bandwidth spikes if necessary/useful to the relay.

From the directory spec (third hit when you search for "tor bandwidth
max observed burst":

"bandwidth" bandwidth-avg bandwidth-burst bandwidth-observed NL

Estimated bandwidth for this router, in bytes per second.  The
"average" bandwidth is the volume per second that the OR is willing to
sustain over long periods; the "burst" bandwidth is the volume that
the OR is willing to sustain in very short intervals.  The "observed"
value is an estimate of the capacity this relay can handle.  The
relay remembers the max bandwidth sustained output over any ten
second period in the past day, and another sustained input.  The
"observed" value is the lesser of these two numbers.
Moritz Bartl
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