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[tor-talk] Atlas and Compass or "x" displaying a world map?


as I first saw the project name Atlas I assumed to be able to look at a
world map that shows me the current relays running.

Would something like that be possible?

To have something visual it would be enough to see the number of relays
running in a country. There exact location might be to fancy (well
possible, I saw the scripts to show them on Google Maps).

Don't have to be exact numbers, could be different colors or shades.

(I understood that a list of all running relays is not desirable.)

Compass can show all relays (can be restricted to exits) with the
country code xy. Maybe clicking on a country (in the world map) would
load the list of all relays from that country.

This just aims to have something visual to be appealing to end users,
rather than meeting statistical requirements.

Sebastian (bastik_tor)
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