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[tor-talk] Pluggable Transports metrics?


would it be possible to have metrics for pluggable transports?

Like how many bridges support which transport?!
(Those information are reported IIRC)

How much a transport is approximately used?!
Might be a pie chart without total numbers, just percentage.
(Don't know if there are data for this)

For Flashproxy could there be a metric how many flash proxies
(JavaScript Web socket proxies running on volunteer machines) have been
available at a given time? (Maybe a graph over time.)

The last can be probably provided by the facilitator. Numbers don't have
to be accurate. (Is there a way to figure out how many Web socket
proxies are available and is this even desirable to disclose?)

Those metrics don't have to appear on the metrics page (although I
wouldn't mind), but based on how detailed the timeline on available
proxies it's not good to have to on the metrics page, because the
metrics page has to be able to scale.

Sebastian (bastik_tor)
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