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Re: [tor-talk] Atlas and Compass or "x" displaying a world map?

Moritz Bartl:
> On 15.12.2012 20:04, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
>> as I first saw the project name Atlas I assumed to be able to look at a
>> world map that shows me the current relays running.
>> Would something like that be possible?
> When I read this, I first wanted to reply "hey yes, I've built something
> like it". But you seem to know the script already, so I guess this is
> more a feature request to integrate that into Atlas? I would like to see
> that, too.

Yes, somehow integrated. Don't know how detailed and interactive it
could or should be.

> BTW, George took my script, modified it a bit [1] and let it generate an
> hourly updated "interactive" world map. Sadly he used Google Maps
> instead of OpenStreetMap.

Burningsilicon requires Google (maps.google.com) to show the icons. I
don't know what's the dependency here.

I don't know other platforms, but on Windows you can add google.com to
your hosts file to block it. Windows will ignore it. On other platforms
you might be able to let google.com point to in order to
validate my claim. (Blocklist tools/extensions for Windows work, too)

On Burningsilicon FF doesn't respond for 1-2 seconds (with the full list
of relays) while FF operates just fine on Google Maps. Google Maps loads
the list and displays the results a little faster, too. (at least for me).

Any map (yours on OSM, Google Maps; George's Tormap) is useful, detailed
and interactive. Each relay got it's icon and clicking it tells one
something about the relay.

I thought it would be too heavy (on resources) for torproject.org and
has dependencies like Google Maps or OSM, which I wouldn't like to include.

Having world map with icons per relay group (All, exit, maybe more)
followed by a number of relays fitting into the category. Clicking a
category (in a country) shows the list of relays fitting into that
category. From there one can click on any relay and see its stats (like
Atlas already does).

(or what ever is more useful, usable, lightweight on resources)

Pointing to [2] from Atlas for a more detailed map would be fine.
(Metrics points to some other domain for interactive graphs)

> The parser I wrote is a bad hack, nowadays it would be better to just
> use Onionoo's JSON (and it wouldn't require a running Tor).

Sounds like Atlas would have the data to fulfill this request.

> [1] https://www.void.gr/kargig/blog/2012/11/27/world-city-map-of-tor-nodes/
> [2] https://tormap.void.gr/

Thank you for your input.

Sebastian (bastik_tor)

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