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Re: [tor-talk] How to prevent to leak my local ip

Nam Su:
> I saw a non-free software to prevent Local IP leak. If I use this
program, IP2.exe can't get my local IP(not, not As I
know, this program may use sandbox.

I think you get more answers if you write the name of the application.

> Is there function like that in Tor?

Not directly. Only by using special setups. (Transparent Proxy
Anonymizing Middlebox or Isolating Proxy)

> If I use transparent proxy, Can't All of programs get my local IP (ex.

I recognize the term Transparent Proxy has according to it's wiki page
different meanings and can therefore lead us to talk about different things.

Transparent Proxy Anonymizing Middlebox does not prevent getting your
local IP, but you have great freedom to choose from loads of different
local IPs.

Anonymizing Middlebox or Isolating Proxy can prevent the machine behind
it from getting knowledge of it's clearnet IP address, but you didn't
ask for this. I am just adding this to avoid confusion.

> Or if I use Whonix, am I safe from leaking local IP Address?

The important thing, the clearnet IP is safe. Many information about how
safe are available on the Whonix page. But you didn't ask for that.

The virtual local IP address of Whonix-Workstation is for
all Whonix download users by default. Different form the host operating
system, if the host operating system doesn't use the same by chance.
Leaking... Well. There are to my knowledge no applications installed,
which read and send this IP address somewhere else. But if there where
or if you would install extra software they could indeed read Whonix does not implement protection against it. I never
tried. What is the point of protecting the local IP address behind a
Anonymizing Middlebox / Isolating Proxy?

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