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[tor-talk] tor versus freenet


We have Tor, we have Freenet. One is for protecting network sessions,
the other one for data.
In short: can't we combine these two?
Freenet serves a purpose but it is, for the average user, way too
complicated/too much of a hassle to install and work with. Especially
since Java became a target for mallware and everybody now screaming that
you should uninstall it.
Tor on the other hand has nice guis for configuring with which even my
grandparents would be able to work.
What I propose is some kind of shared-folder via which one can share
files over the tor network. Not neccessarily like a windows fileshare
but as a freenet document store. E.g. documents are not on your local
disk but are "on the freenet network" where everyone has (part of) files
stored on his system (in a configurable pool with a certain size).
Finding files could be implemented in the same way as hidden services
are found in the tor network.
This would make it more easy for people in oppressed countries to share
documents with e.g. their findings or photos or videoes etc without the
steep learning curve of ftp clients etc. Ok you could use e-mail for
that but the construction of freenet where data is stored (in parts) on
multiple systems would also prevent bad guys for simply hacking the
e-mail of that person or "persuading" him/her to delete the files.

Folkert van Heusden

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